What is a Tracking Token?

A tracking token (also called a "macro") is a dynamically generated variable provided by a paid traffic network (such as Google AdWords). These tokens are used to track specific information on an advertising campaign.

Example of a Tracking Token

# Token Name Token Description
1 {keyword} Bidded keyword

In the example above, the token name "{keyword}" would be used in the destination URL you entered for your ad on the traffic network.

The tracking URL you would enter for your ad would look like this:


If you placed a bid for the keyword "car insurance" on the traffic network, you would use the token "{keyword}" in order to send the actual keyword you were bidding on back to your tracking software.

Capturing this data will allow you to check the reporting feature in your tracker in order to see if the keyword is profitable for you or not.

Most traffic networks allow you to pass multiple tokens back to your tracking software in order to help optimize your campaigns.

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Popular Tracking Software:

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  2. RedTrack
  3. Thrive
  4. BeMob
  5. AdsBridge

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