Recommended Tracking Software

There are many tracking software platforms available for you to choose from for tracking your online advertising campaigns.

Trackers can either be self-hosted (installed on your own web server) or hosted (SaaS).

Our Top Recommended Trackers:

Tracker Description
Voluum Tracking Software Voluum is a premier, next-gen tracking platform used by some of the top online advertisers and affiliates in the world. Use our discounted monthly subscription or save up to 60% with an annual plan. Offer available for both new and existing clients. Tracking Software is a SaaS affiliate marketing campaign management & analytics platform. has an easy-to-use interface with traffic network templates and offer a FREE 14 day trial - No CC required. Advanced users will benefit from fast redirect, drill-down reports, and AI Smartlinks. Be sure to use our exclusive promo code "TRACKING50-OFF".
Thrive Tracking Software Thrive is a mobile and web tracker for all direct response and affiliate marketers. Thrive has two soultions: Cloud hosted (SaaS) or a self-hosted version. Thrive also offers multiple add-on features to enhance the platform. Thrive offers two pricing models.
Tracking Software AdsBridge is a next-gen tracking platform and landing page builder. AdsBridge offers a SaaS hosted tracking service and only charges for visits, not clicks or conversions like some tracking platforms. AdsBridge offers six pricing models.

PLEASE NOTE: There are other tracking platforms available for tracking advertising campaigns - both free and paid solutions. However, the trackers we have listed above are what we recommend.

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Popular Tracking Software:

  1. Voluum
  2. RedTrack
  3. Thrive
  4. BeMob
  5. AdsBridge

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