Recommended Spy Tools

Looking for profitable campaigns other advertisers are running? Spy tools save advertisers a lot of time and money by collecting ad data across multiple traffic sources and countries - including ad creatives, headlines, landing pages and more. All serious affiliates use a spy tool (or multiple spy tools) to find profitable offers.

Our Top Recommended Affiliate Spy Tools

Anstrex Ad Spy Tool


Anstrex delivers more geo targetting data insights than any other ad spy tool. Anstrex also provides an offer wall revealing what the top affiliates are running, including ads and direct links to the landing pages (which can also be downloaded). You can also setup alerts to keep track of any changes the competition makes.

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Adplexity Ad Spy Tool


Adplexity is a robust spy tool used by many world-class marketers. They offer a suite of specific spy tools depending on the type of advertising you target. Mobile, Desktop, Native, Ecommerce and Adult campaign spying. Adplexity also offers a mobile carrier service that allows advertisers to connect using REAL 3G/LTE proxies from over 80 carriers in 30 different countries. Use our exclusive coupon "TrackingTokens" for $50 OFF all Adplexity products!

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Spypush Ad Spy Tool


SpyPush is the world's first spy tool focusing on push notification advertising. It was built by media advertisers, for media advertisers. You can see working campaigns across almost traffic networks that currently offer push notifications as an advertising option. Use our exclusive coupon "TTPUSH15" for 15% OFF!

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PLEASE NOTE: Some listed spy tools are sponsors of - due dilligence is recommended for partnering with any service.