Tracking Tokens

Here are the 15 current tracking tokens (macros) available for the traffic platform.

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# Token Name Token Description
1clickIdWill pass the unique identifier per each click
2campaignIdWill pass the unique identifier per each campaign
3campaignTypeWill pass the campaign type
4pubIdWill pass the unique identifier per publisher id
5costWill pass the cost per click/impression
6timestampWill pass the click timestamp in unix format
7ipWill pass the IP of the user
8countryWill pass the country of the user (2 letters)
9categoryWill pass the campaign category
10browserWill pass the browser
11deviceManufactureWill pass the device manufacture
12deviceModelWill pass the device model
13deviceOSWill pass OS that is used
14displaySizeWill pass the size of the system
15resolutionWill pass the resolution of system

ReachEffect Conversion Tracking

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback URL[clickid]

Special Notes:

There are no special notes about using tokens.


All tokens and information on this site is provided AS IS. We are not responsible for any errors, missing tokens, changes or lost income as the result of using any information on this site. By using this site, you are acknowledging that you agree to our terms of service.

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