Tracking Tokens

Here are the 18 current tracking tokens (macros) available for the traffic platform.

Voluum Tracking Software
# Token Name Token Description
1bid_costCost (CPC) of your bid
2bid_typeCampaign payment model
3campaign_idUnique ID of the campaign
4startapp_countryCountry of the visitor
5creative_idUnique ID of the creative
6creative_nameCreative name
7startapp_advertising_idGoogle advertising ID of the visitor
8startapp_app_idUnique ID of the app
9startapp_click_id_placeholderUnique ID of the click/impression
10startapp_connection_typeConnection type
11startapp_device_brandDevice brand of the visitor
12startapp_device_modelDevice model of the visitor
13startapp_device_typeDevice type (mobile or tablet) of the visitor
14startapp_isp_nameISP/Carrier of the visitor
15startapp_os_versionOperating system version of the visitor
16startapp_pub_idUnique ID of the publisher app
17startapp_publisher_categoryPublisher category
18user_idAndroid ID or IDFA of the visitor

StartApp Conversion Tracking

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback URL{clickid}

Special Notes:

Do not use encapsulators around StartApp tokens (e.g. {token} or (token) etc.).

They should look like this: "".


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