OutBrain.com Tracking Tokens

Here are the 13 current tracking tokens (macros) available for the OutBrain.com traffic platform.

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# Token Name Token Description
1{{ad_id}}ID of the ad
2{{ad_title}}Title of the ad
3{{campaign_id}}Unique ID of the campaign
4{{doc_title}}Doc title
5{{ob_click_id}}Unique ID of the click/impression
6{{origsrcid}}Publisher ID of the target site
7{{origsrcname}}Publisher name of the target site
8{{promoted_link_id}}ID of the extrenal link
9{{publisher_id}}Unique ID of the publisher were ad was served
10{{publisher_name}}Name of the publisher were ad was served
11{{section_id}}Unique ID of the section were ad was served
12{{section_name}}name of the section were ad was served
13{{time_stamp}}Time stamp of the click

OutBrain Tracking Example

Example Tracking Code




Special Notes:

There are no special notes about using OutBrain.com tokens.


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