Tracking Tokens

Here are the 5 current tracking tokens (macros) available for the traffic platform.

Voluum Tracking Software
# Token Name Token Description
1<<ADVPBTOKEN>>Passes postback token
2<<AFFSUB>>Unique ID of the publisher (includes sub-partners for optimization)
3<<ECPC>>Cost per click/impression
4<<TERMS_HTML>>Acutal searched keyword/phrase of visitor
5<<TERMS_HTML_KW>>Bidded keyword

Advertise Conversion Tracking

S2S (Server-to-Server) Postback URL{clickid}

Special Notes: uses unique account ID's for conversion tracking. You need to replace the token "UNIQUEID" above with the one provided from your rep (you need to request it).

Depending on your tracker's format for unique {clickid} token, you need to make sure you assign it to the parameter &sid= to <<ADVPBTOKEN>>. Then append all your ad click URL'S to include &sid=<<ADVPBTOKEN>>.

Here's an example URL string that would be generated in a campaign if you were using the Voluum tracking platform. You would place this URL string in the destination URL field on your ad inside<<AFFSUB>>&terms_html=<<TERMS_HTML>>&terms_html_kw=<<TERMS_HTML_KW>>&ecpc=<<ECPC>>&sid=<<ADVPBTOKEN>>


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